Bongani will send you a preliminary booking confirmation via email, where the details of your trip are specified. In order to secure your booking, you will need to pay a 50% deposit.

Final payment and reservation confirmation
Once the deposit has been received, Bongani will send a reservation confirmation with all the details of your trip. Final payment must be made 4 days before the trip begins.

Cancellation policy
After the deposit has been paid, cancellation will result in the deposit being lost. After the final payment has been made, cancellation by the hikers will result in the full amount being lost. In the highly unlikely event that the hike is cancelled by Absolute Wild Coast, a full refund will be made, and the party will receive a 20% discount on re-booking of the hike for another date.

Village homestay circumstances
Hikers stay with local families, where you get your own room. Villages normally have no running water, but water for drinking is available from fresh wells. Hot water for washing in a basin is provided. Meals are based on local staples as well as things like fried eggs, beans, red meat and rice. Toilets are normally long-drop style. Accommodation is simple but gives a real insight into local life in these remote, peaceful villages, and the families are very warm and welcoming.

Level of fitness required
The average length of a day’s walk is 5 hours. The longest day is 15 kilometers long. The terrain can be hilly with long beach walks. An average to good level of fitness is required. The hike can be adapted to the level of fitness of the group.

When to go
The hikes can be done all year around, but going during the summer (November-April) allows for swimming in freshwater pools or the sea. Botanists and others interested in local flora will enjoy going in the spring (September-October). Rains come all year around and are not predictable, but severe downpours that would cause a hike to be cancelled are rare.

What to pack
Good hiking boots are advisable, as well as a change of shoes, and clothes for both hot, windy and rainy weather. A camera is essential and bring binoculars if you are an avid birder. On the village homestay hikes bedding and three meals are included. Pack light snacks for the hikes as well as bathing costumes for swimming and towels. In the villages, small shops that sell essentials like matches, toilet paper, snacks and beer are available.

Arrangements for pre- and post hike
Hikes starting at the Wild Coast Sun , you are able to leave your vehicles in the undercover parking of the hotel. You will be taken back to the hotel by the shuttle at the end of the hike (from Msikaba, Mbotyi or Port St Johns).

Hikes starting at Msikaba, you are able to leave your vehicles in Port St Johns and you will be picked up by the shuttle at your accommodation in Port St Johns.

Hikes starting in Port St Johns and ending in Coffee Bay, you are able to leave your vehicles in Port St Johns and the shuttle will take you back from Coffee Bay to your car in Port St Johns at the end of the hike.

Places to stay pre and post hiking: