Community Based Tourism

Pondo Tours is a community-based tourism initiative, founded in 2007 by Bongani Mlotywa.

Bongani was born and raised on the Wild Coast and has extensive experience as a hiking guide in the area.

What does that mean?

Community-based tourism means that a portion of the income received from the hikes will contribute directly to the families in these communities.

What to expect

The Wild Coast is also called Pondoland, and the culture and traditions of the Pondo people form part of the village home-stay style hikes that are on offer.

While hiking the Wild Coast, Bongani points out:

  • the natural beauty of the region,
  • shipwrecks along the beaches,
  • mystical caves,
  • stunning rock formations,
  • waterfalls,
  • rare medicinal plants
  • an array of bird species
  • pods of dolphins out at sea and
  • possibly even a glimpse of Springbok, Eland, Wildebeest and Kudu whilst hiking through the Mkambati Nature Reserve!

There are many opportunities for swimming in fresh water pools and in the sea. Trail running and horse riding are also hiking options.